brief: to propose and design a new brand that makes use of recycled spent grains from the
molson coors brewery.
the process of brewing beer uses a lot of grain, and after the brewing process the grain is considered “spent” because the sugars have been extracted from the grain and can no longer be used to brew beers. every six-pack of beer produces about a pound of “spent grain”. despite the fact that these grains are considered waste by the breweries, there is still some value in them.
spilt is a drink that promotes a healthy, balanced lifestyle through the use of plant-based ingredients that are 100% vegan. it is perfect for anyone who just wants a quick drink on the go to give them that extra boost of energy they might need first thing in the morning. the spent grains have also been condensed to make bioplastics that make the packaging biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
the name ‘spilt’ comes from the phrase “don’t cry over spilt milk”. spilt milk generally means it is wasted but this is the opposite because it is repurposing the spent grain, using the waste from brewing beer to make something new and healthy that also doesn't harm the environment.
these are my final designs for the drinks. they come in three different flavours, each with a different purpose. 
cocoa benefits brain health, speeds up healing and enhances mood among other things.
strawberries boost immunity, reduce hypertension and boosts brain function.
blueberries improve brain function, benefit eye care and can act as anti-depressants to improve moods.
these are some posters to promote the product. by playing on a well known phrase, the product will be better remembered because it is a recognisable phrase to most people. the simple colour scheme and minimal information and elements keeps the whole poster simple and bold, which would make it stand out.  people are only likely to be seeing them in passing so they need to be something that people can see in a short amount of time whilst making them memorable.
here are the posters in a real life environment. putting them in busy environments, ideally commuter routes, would be the best places as there would be a lot of interaction with the posters in these places.
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